Surf Monkey Films is a creative partnership between three filmmakers and friends with complimentary skillsets, and a wide range of experiences and contacts in the film industry. They enjoy working together and strive to make quality work for all of their clients, regardless of budget or the type of production.

Nolan Wang

Nolan specializes in high-end motion graphics and animation for television, documentary films, and commercials. He also really likes rock climbing, traveling the world, and riding his bicycle all over Los Angeles. He's also a photographer and camera operator as well as a musician. 

Alex Lamb

Alex is an editor, with experience in commercial work, music videos, documentary, and industrials. He also has directed many Surf Monkey projects and writes on the side.

Max Well

Max works as a Director of Photography and camera operator on many different commercial, documentary, and industrial projects, including work for the National Park Service, MGA toys, and other national brands. H